5 Simple Fall Farmhouse DIY Tips on a Budget

With our front room renovation project still in progress (I lost count after month 9), I am currently not planning on any elaborate decorating for the seasons.  However, when I do, I will continue to take inspiration from our real life farmhouse in the hollow and inherited items from my husband’s side of the family to bring out my creative and practical side.  I had stopped “decorating for the seasons” years ago when we began our financial freedom journey and we moved from a small bungalow style “fixer upper” home in upstate NY to a rental home on an army post in AL. I only really picked it back up again when I joined Instagram.  Even though we achieved our debt-free goals last summer, we continue to be very mindful of how we are spending our money and saving for the future.  So a lot of my decorating comes from items we already have or things we make.

If you are frugal like me and you love everything vintage, you know that you have to get creative when it comes to decorating and organizing your home.  This larger farmhouse is a nice blend of modern and vintage rolled up into one, but when it comes to storage, it can be challenging.  We do not have a garage and my husband’s workshop does not have climate control.  We are still slowly working our way around the homestead (inside and out), trying to upgrade, clean and personalize the spaces to suit our large family’s needs.  It can be a tedious and drawn out process with just the two of us working together, but very rewarding when we can sit back and enjoy all the hard work and love we put into each project.

Today, I am sharing some of my favorite photos from last year’s fall season along with my budget-friendly favorite DIY tips for inside the farmhouse.  These can easily be applied to any style, decor or season.  Hope you enjoy the mini tour!

  1.  Bring the outside in…Hello, we live on a farm and it doesn’t cost a dime.  Wild flowers and pretty weeds can really dress up a space when done well.  I love cutting fresh flowers from around the hollow.  It’s easy to find yellows, browns, and orange colored leaves or flowers during the fall season.  I honestly am surprised each year when new colors pop up.  Such a fun thing to witness!
  2.  Sew some easy pillow covers…Slipcovers (especially pillows) are a super easy way to change the feel and color of a room during the change of seasons without really breaking a sweat or the bank.  When they are not in use, they fold up nicely and can be tucked away in a linen closet or a storage trunk or bin.  I have quite a collection of handmade and store bought.  I always shop clearances and discounts, so these are easy on the budget.
  3.  Pull out your paint supplies…Grab some scrap lumber from the barn and turn up your creative side.  You can make vintage style signs with lovely Bible verses or helpful reminders to enjoy all around the farmhouse.  Do a search online for pumpkin patch inspiration or apple cider mills ideas.  Look for spaces around the house that appear to be missing a little something and then try different art pieces or your one-of-a-kind signs in the spot.
  4.  Build helpful and useful pieces…Whether your home is cottage, country, urban, or farmhouse, everyone needs practical, functional pieces that can serve dual purpose.  Especially when you have growing little humans running around.  (smile)  If you are not experienced or comfortable with power tools and building, ask your husband or someone you know that is and learn some basic carpentry skills. Chalkboard frames, log coaster medallions, plaques, etc. are great projects to learn when you are learning the basics.  By doing it yourself, you can really tailor the colors and vibe of the pieces to whatever works well with your home.
  5.  No surprise here, I am such a fan of SAVING money by shopping your home…Before you go shopping on line or in person, inventory items that you have out or in storage. Then see how you can change things up.  Change is good and we all need some of it from time to time.  It is inspiring and motivates us to organize and clean other areas in our home.  Not to mention that when you don’t have extra items spilling out of the woodwork, it makes for a calmer and more peaceful environment.

All of the items in these photos were taken from other rooms from our farmhouse.  You can’t beat that!  I also like to save money where I can and then splurge on something that is truly special and sturdy and that will serve our family well.  Like this beautiful crock my husband picked up for me a couple years ago.  We have used it for kindling by the wood burning stove, a planter for fresh flowers, and a fun way to display our vintage croquet set.  My father and I worked on the chalkboard frame together.  I love making memories with him even as an adult.  (smile)

This cubby style wooden container was purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby a couple years ago.  I just added some vintage finds that I had, some hand printed numbers on white index paper and added the chartreuse pumpkin that I made from an old sweater I had that shrunk in the wash and a twig from outside and Voila!  Instant farmhouse style!

This farmhouse sign I painted has been a traveling piece in our farmhouse.  (smile) For a time, I paired it up with my father’s DIY whitewashed bench for our guest room.  Doesn’t it look ready to welcome our guests for the night?  I sewed the buffalo check pillow cover out of a tablecloth I had from another project making window curtains.

I had sewn these fabric pumpkins for a fun pumpkin challenge that some IG friends and I were doing last year.  I love creating things!  It is so much fun and so relaxing.  I need to make more time to do it because it is so great from my soul!  I made the sign from an old frame I already had and some vinyl lettering I cut out with my vinyl cutter machine.  Now, that’s a handy dandy tool for the DIY maker at home. (wink)

I also made some brown ticking fabric pumpkins.  It was fun scavenging for the chunky branches with the littles.  We made it into a fun game one afternoon.

Here is a better shot of the wood coasters I mentioned.  My hubby made them for me during another project.  I made the buffalo check pillow slipcover out of some two sided placemats.  If you see a pattern that you like, it is super simple to make and doesn’t take any time to complete.

I used an oversized napkin to make the red striped pillow cover to mimic old grain sack ticking fabric.  It even includes a zipper, which was fun to finally try.  I love learning new skills, don’t you?

I sewed these taupe toile printed pillow slipcovers with ticking piping and still love them!  My husband’s round tree coasters that the pumpkins are sitting on find their way around the farmhouse too.  They are so handy and rustic that I love using them and actually need more.  (smile)

Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year.  So many things to look forward to, like these mums and this view of our 1840’s log cabin.  Hello sweaters, Hans Solo vests (smile), knee high boots and wood burning stove action.  What’s not to like, right?

These beautiful butterflies on pretty zinnias are always a special treat!

Apples galore in my mother in-laws old blue crock bowl.  Store bought organic will have to do this year, since the crows decimated our three apple trees.  They were looking good too!  (sigh)

And fall wouldn’t be complete without some real pumpkins growing in the garden.  These will make amazing pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin rolls and pumpkin smoothies.  I feel like the Bubba Shrimp character in the Forest Gump movie.  Hahaha!  I may have some healthy pumpkin treats to share in the near future, but you’ll have to stop by again to see. (wink)


Until then, enjoy the last hoorah of summer and let’s meet back here soon.


Isaiah 26:3-4



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