Simple DIY Chalkboard Tags

Recently, I was organizing an area in our farmhouse that has been an awkward space since we bought the property over 5 years ago.  The old owner’s wife said that it was their old dining room before they added some of the back rooms to the farmhouse.  During one of my “Mama’s Day Out” days, my husband surprised me by cleaning the awkward space and moved one of our deep freezers against the main wall, added some barn lights that we already had and a new overhead light fixture (also already had) as a temporary fix to the mess that was already in the space.  I love how thoughtful he is!  He knows that I don’t do well with clutter and chaos.

This past week, I did some upgrades of my own by removing an old bulky filing cabinet that was just collecting dust and moved our antique desk from our front room to make a nice teacher’s desk/command center and I am loving the new space even in its’ unfinished temporary state. The walls still need painting and so does the desk, but it is now a functional space and I don’t have to keep going up and down the stairs to teach our little homeschoolers because now we can all be in the same space downstairs. It is definitely a step up!  (smile)

While organizing and revamping the space, I grabbed these two vintage wired paper trays (purchased from the Nashville Vintage Market Days) from our guest room to use for completed work for our homeschoolers.  I placed our copy machine on top of a small cubby that my father made years ago for another house.  The wire trays and our school supplies fit neatly in the cubbies.  I wanted to “dress” up the space a little and first shopped Amazon for chalkboard tags, but then decided to make a homemade version with common supplies that we had around the farmhouse.  This DIY creativity comes in handy when the closest decent craft or supply store is an hour a way.  Living in the country is no joke!

If you don’t have time to make your own, here is an affiliate link (click picture) to order a bag of 12 for $7.99.  Still a decent price and cute way to make organizing even more fun and pretty to look at.

If you do want to make your own, here is how I did it…


Supplies & Easy Steps

-Thin piece of scrap wood (cut to size)

-Sheet of 220 fine sand paper (sand rough edges)

-Dust rag (wipe dust off before applying paint)

-Chalkboard paint (I used Amy Howard brand I like that it offers 0 VOC)

-Paint brush (paint your wood pieces and let dry)

-Hot glue gun

-Clothes pins (hot glue to back of wood & let dry, then clip on basket or tray)

-Wired metal trays (similar to these below from AntiqueFarmhouse.Com)

*Affiliate link provided on right side bar to shop

I found this thin piece of scrap wood in the piles from our front room renovation and just eyeballed (that is a real technique) the shape and size that I thought would look nice.  It worked out well and was a fast little DIY project.  Those are always nice between those super huge projects that seem to go on for months.  (smile)

And Voila!  It’s like DIY magic!  (smile) Use chalk to label and that’s it!  What have you used chalk paint for in your home?  I love gleaning simple ideas for the home…don’t you?


That’s it for now…so until next time, think outside the box!

Isaiah 26: 3-4

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